About LongTale, LLC.

Management Team

LongTale’s stellar executive team is the cutting-edge, pioneering an evolutionary leap in the industry. 


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Creating New Paradigms in TransMedia Management & Distribution

One cannot cling to yesterday's strategies and thrive in today's deconstructed media economy.  Just as revolutionary technology and production choices appear, traditional distribution models are collapsing while new platforms are embraced by modern audiences. At LongTale  we uncover the real story and craft transmedia and integrated marketing strategies to commercialize and capitalize on the global  IP.

LongTale is focused on creating innovative solutions for transmedia content development, marketing and distribution. The company merges traditional film business expertise (rights management, production / financing, marketing, and customer knowledge) with new media capabilities (internet and mobile media solutions, interactive gaming, digital publishing, online media sales, internet and social network marketing, audience engagement and consumer preferences targeting), and direct to the public marketing resources to extend the life and profitability of every  project.

LongTale International is comprised of well-seasoned business team with extensive expertise in film, television, new media, and marketing. Their combined experience and scope of vision, matched with advisors of the highest quality in the industry, ensures LongTale projects will deliver a superlative experience as well as increased profit potential.