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Galactic Academy: The 3D Experience

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Meet Switch, the Rocket Board champ of Galactic Academy. After failing his Astronomy final he conceives an extra project that has him and his dog, Gasket, whirling through time and space to save his grade, team and reputation, as well as his school's Astro Meet standing. Along the way, he witnesses the Big bang, survives a Black Hole, rescues Gasket, and wins the heart of his love interest, who mistakenly chooses flash over substance.

Genre                           Family 3D animation                              

Country                 USA                                                        

Language                   English                                                   

Status                           In Production                                         

Producer                    Omar Kaczmarczyk                                 

Director                      Don Fox                                                  

Author                          Chris Fure                                                                                                   

Tag Line                       You only get out what you put in!