Management Team


Hilary Hicks

Hilary Clay Hicks, Vice President of Marketing for LongTale, is a filmmaker, playwright, publicist, journalist, writer-editor, marketing consultant, creative executive, and public speaker. He has over 40 years of experience in media of all kind, including print, audio, video, film, digital and online. He has served most of his career in public relations / publicity and marketing as well as six years as editorial director of national magazines. He has been a Copywriter for BBDO Advertising, Vice-president of EWW Corporations (public relations & promotion), Editorial Director for Challenge Publications (magazine publisher) and Account Executive for Joy Productions (public relations.) His list of clients includes major music companies, entertainment companies, magazine publishers, film studios, prominent celebrities, prominent bands and musicians, major industrial corporations, and prominent non-profit organizations and charities. Mr. Hicks holds communications degrees from the University of Michigan, earning honors and memberships in academic fellowships. In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Hicks teaches films studies, popular culture, playwriting, public relations, and other university courses.