Unicorn: Journey Through Time          

The story of the legendary Ď60s L.A. band, Unicorn and their long lost masterpiece concept album, The Cosmic Storyteller. Set against the events that were the rites of passage of the baby boom generation, the story contains news-making celebrity secrets, mysteries, and unusual insights into cultural phenomena that still affect society today. The soundtrack features selections from The Cosmic Storyteller by Unicorn, featuring guest Ď60s music greats such as members of Steppenwolf, The Association, Rick Nelsonís Stone Canyon Band, the Ray Charles Orchestra, the Marvin Gaye Band, and the Quincy Jones Orchestra.


Genre                            Feature Film                                      

Year                                2012                           

Country                        USA                                                   

Language                    English                                              

Status                            In production                                     

Producer                      Omar Kaczmarczyk and Hilary Clay Hicks         

Director                        Hilary Clay Hicks                                

Scriptwriter                Hilary Clay Hicks                                

Featured Cast            Michelle Phillips, Barry McGuire, Scott McKenzie, Hal Blaine, and members of  The Loviní    

                                         Spoonful, Electric Prunes, Moby Grape, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Grateful Dead;

                                         Electric Flag, Sweetwater; Quicksilver Messenger Service, surviving members of Unicorn, and

                                         many others.                                   

Log Line                       A Music Odyssey.  Everybody remembers themóDonít You?