The Body PAIN

The Body PAIN      

Health and Wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide More than half of Americans suffer from chronic and recurrent pain.  This is a huge segment of the viewing public actively interested  in documentaries  about their condition.  In addition, health care provides over 14 million jobs. 7 of the 20 fastest growing occupations are health care related. Healthcare professionals are highly-educated and are among the segment of the movie-going public that seek out documentaries for informative entertainment.

Pain is the leading  health problem  in the U.S.A.  It is the most  common symptom that leads to medical care. In

America alone, the cost of pain management, including lost workdays, is estimated at $100 billion.

And yet, we know next to nothing about it.

Very few  doctors  have  specialized  training  in  chronic  pain,  nor  is  there  a consensus  of what causes it. The pharmaceutical industry controls medical research  and what is brought to market,  while  the war on drugs  often blocks  a patient's  access  to needed  medication. Yet, recent studies have shown that long-term  Opioid use - the most common  prescribed medication for chronic pain, may actually increase sensitivity to certain types of pain. And now, the burgeoning business of alternative therapies and non-traditional pain management brings in to question our most commonly held beliefs within western practice.medical

What is certain: Pain has been one of the most enduring questions of human existence.  It is represented in our culture, our art, our religion and our wars.

It is time to open the lines of communication  between government  and doctor; scientist and pharmacist; healer and patient. The Body Pain must be embraced and burned as fuel for our journey.


Genre                            Docu-Drama                                     

Year                                2013                           

Country                        USA                                                   

Language                    English                                              

Status                            In production                                     

Producer                      Robert Schubring & Omar Kaczmarczyk          

Director                        Terrance Grace                           

Scriptwriter                Terrance Grace                                

Log Line                         The History, Science, Politics, and Cultural Aspects of pain as it manifests itself within the human existence.